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TokyoSpecial TSP-392 My parents Are Going Out With A Brother And A Brother who is Hikikomori only Older Brothers? "have you Been Hiding?

Release Date: Aug 12, 2018

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My older brother, who turned into an excellent friend within the old days, is now chickening out. Neat these days, my brother is scared ... i'm afraid of my tub and feeling signs ... On a certain day dad and mom are going out with a brother and going out with a brother and worry I commenced to escape Hidden trembling i found my brother and remembered the vintage days i was threatened to take a bath or a medical doctor and that i felt the risk of lifestyles and familiar now not to stimulate my brother

昔は仲良しだった兄妹 お兄ちゃんは今では引きこもりニート 最近、お兄ちゃんが怖い…私のお風呂を覗いたり 気配を感じる… とある日、両親は法事で外出 お兄ちゃんと二人きりになり 恐怖は始まった 逃げ隠れする震える私 お兄ちゃんに見つかってしまい 昔を思い出してとお医者さんごっこやお風呂にはいろうと脅迫された私は生命の危険を感じお兄ちゃんを刺激しないよう受け入れることにした

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