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Nampa 200GANA-1044 BBQ (barbecue) Nanpa 01 in Odaiba

Release Date: Sep 05, 2018

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Golden Week became sunny like a cloud. The wind of Odaiba seashore Park is cozy today. within the BBQ spot you visited seeking lovely women, the women' group of folks that casually encountered girls bar buddies. It became a totally special type of 3 people, Yukina in black gals, Mei in Lolita, Lala in older sister type. seeing that we already had alcohol and we have been very easy to invite to the hotel whilst we met, "I notion they have been orgy with 3 humans as it is", but I idea, "I were given a bit sleepy" and sake To a vulnerable Mayi stated, so you get to sleep a bit in a separate room ... so that you cannot sleep so without difficulty is the Hameen Pam! it is! i'm going to erase it in the transferring room right now ♪ She says that natural is included a chunk, she puts out a cheek in front of her and said "are you able to lick it? ... Chupapuchu ... this is my preferred taste ♪ ♪ and start licking with rash. "nicely then what's happening with Mey's dick's coat? while touching over the panty, "i'm getting wet" ♪ i am getting moist already ww further, while transferring the panties and checking the contents, it is quite a hairy bush! "as long as you are not an person ♪ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ zero ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ zero furthermore, if you climb a hand and attack with cunnie, "some thing licking ?? ia ~ ♪ ___ ___ ___ zero ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ zero it's far! Already, the palm, the mattress, the floor, Bisho bisho with Mei chan ju it is most effective younger and the sensitivity is also properly ~. She is simply too comfortable and drowsy also blows off, and as quickly as it is determined to insert "decadent" into "grownup m · ko". at the moment of being inserted, with a facial features, on the girl on pinnacle posture, she uses a complete frame of elasticity to move his hips and disorder. Mei who died inside the ecstasy with the cheek dyed purple, being fucked up to the inside with a gangan and the womb without being rested, gutsuri deep inner. "perhaps the most disgusting among those 3 is that this female. even as questioning, finish to the lovely face with a deep semen on the final! It become a lolita daughter who exceeded a deep semen on his eyes and mouth, "what's going on ~ ?? help me ~?

雲一つないくらいに晴れきったゴールデンウィーク。お台場海浜公園の風は今日も心地良い。可愛い女子を求め訪れたBBQスポットで、偶然にも出会っ たのはガールズバー仲間だという女子three人組。黒ギャル系のユキナちゃん・ロリ系のメイちゃん・お姉系のララちゃんという全くタイプの異なる3人組だった。 出会った時に既にお酒は入っており、ホテルへ誘うのも非常に簡単だったので『このまま3人で乱交かぁ♪』と思っていたのだが、「ちょっと眠くなってきた なぁ。」と酒に弱いメイちゃんが言い出したので、別室で少し眠ってもらうことに…って、そんな簡単に寝かせないのが即ハメナンパ隊!!移動してきた部屋で さっそくエッチしちゃいますよん♪ちょっと天然が入ってるという彼女、目の前にぴょこんとチ●コを差し出すと「ペロペロしていいの?…チュパチュパ…これ 好きな味だぁ♪」と無我夢中で舐め始める。『じゃあ今度はメイちゃんのアソコはどうなってんのかな?』とパンティ越しに触っていると「イヤ~ン♪濡れ ちゃ~う♪」って…もう濡れてますよwwさらに、パンティをずらして中身を確認すると、結構もっさりとした茂みが!「こっちくらいは大人じゃないとね♪パ イパンじゃ子供すぎるから、こっちで大人アピールしてるの♪」なるほど、見た目は子供、アソコは大人ってことですな!しかも、クリをくちゅくちゅ手マンし てクンニで攻めちゃえば「なに??舐めちゃうの??イヤ~ン♪」と勢い良く飛び散る潮の飛沫!!もう、手のひらもベッドも床も、メイちゃん汁でビショビ ショですww若いだけあって感度も良好ですなぁ~。彼女も気持ちよすぎて眠気も吹っ飛び、早くも『大人マ●コ』へデカチンを挿入される気マンマンだ。挿入 された瞬間に、ハツラツとした表情を浮かべ、騎乗位ではハリのある小さなカラダを目一杯使って腰を動かし乱れまくる。休むことなくガンガンと子宮を突か れ、ガッツリ奥までハメられて、頬を赤く染めエクスタシーに浸るメイちゃん。『もしかしたら、あのthree人の中で一番乱れてんのはこの娘かも。』と考えつつ、 ラストに濃いザーメンを可愛い顔に発射してフィニッシュ!目や口に濃いザーメンが掛かり「どうなってるの~??助けて~??」と最後の最後までエロカワイ 過ぎるロリっ娘ちゃんなのでした。

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